Raising Literacy Australia (RLA) is governed by a professional board, each member bringing a unique set of skills to the organisation. RLA Board members include:

Peter Withy, Chair
Matthew Holden, Deputy Chair and Treasurer
Ceinwyn Elleway
Melvin Mansell
Ruth Blenkiron
Devita Pathi

Raising Literacy Australia’s Public Fund is also governed by a professional committee. Committee members include:
John Irving
Evelyn Johns
Matthew Holden

Raising Literacy Australia would like to thank past Board Members for theirĀ support. They include:

Carolyn Mitchell, Dr Ruth Starke, Paul Lecher, Miriam Weir, Nicholas Linke, John Irving, Nicole Haack, Dr Kerry Kavanagh, Paul Shaw, Patricia Genat, Teresa Brook, Sean Williams, Professor Nicholas Jose and Stephanie Williams.