Little Book Press

Little Book Press (LBP) is the publishing house of Raising Literacy Australia. LBP specialises in the production of high quality books for babies and young children and works with Australian authors and illustrators to commission new titles for young readers.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to support the development and growth of a child through the sharing of stories. We know that a well written book — whether fiction or nonfiction —has the ability to capture a child’s imagination. Not every child can visit a farm, ride on a tractor, walk with the dinosaurs, or fly an aeroplane, however a picture book can immerse a child in that experience.

We are very excited to continue exploring the narrative that is Raising Literacy Australia, and look forward to sharing a wonderful world of stories from the Little Book Press.

Visit the Little Book Press website to purchase our titles, submit a manuscript for consideration or get in touch with the publishing team.

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