Book gifting program

In 2004, an early intervention literacy campaign called The Little Big Book Club (LBBC) was rolled out across SA to educate parents about the importance of reading with their babies.

The following year, 20,000 families across the state with a baby aged 0-12 months were given a free reading pack to kick start their home library as part of the Reading Pack project.

Over the past thirteen years the project has experienced significant growth and a further two reading packs for Toddlers and Preschoolers have been introduced for families. The Reading Pack project now reaches 65,000 families each year who receive quality books and resources to support their child’s early learning experiences. Regular and effective engagement in children’s learning through story time, songs and play supports children’s growing brains and builds neural connections that make future learning possible.

As part of LBBC’s holistic approach to early year’s development, picture book recommendations, tip sheets, activities and lesson plans can all be accessed for free by parents and educators on the LBBC website.

Professional development is also available for staff working with children aged birth to five years to upskill and inspire them to enhance their practices and programs for families. Building Foundations for Early Learning uses the latest neuroscience research to explain the fundamentals of brain development and how every day interactions with young children can be modified to support enriched learning experiences.

In 2018, LBBC will introduce Early Literacy Parenting Sessions and work with our community partners and stakeholders to host sessions for families. If you are interested in finding out more, please email

Visit the LBBC website to learn more.

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