Sharing stories every day with your baby and child supports their brain development.

By reading together you are helping your baby and child to become familiar with sounds, words, language and over time the joy of books. Read together every day and have fun.

Right from your child’s birth, there are many things you can do to make story time special:

  • Snuggle up together
  • Start with black and white board books as babies can see the pictures clearly
  • Read together, read often and have fun
  • Create a special place for books and reading
  • Use different voices to make the stories exciting and fun
  • Visit the library often
  • Give books as presents
  • Make reading a happy time that you both cherish

To help you choose the right stories to share with your baby, toddler or preschool visit our Featured Stories page.  We have many wonderful books that we’ve selected for you and your children to explore together.


Raising Literacy Australia also an excellent range of favourite nursery rhymes and songs to share on Spotify. Each playlist is specifically curated to learn about STEM language and concepts through song. Find the songs and rhymes we suggest in our Learning and Activity Times and more!