Raising Literacy Australia works with the community to improve literacy levels in children from a very young age. Our specially designed programs help families to engage and read with their children as early as possible to foster their ability to reach their full potential.

We do this by encouraging positive experiences such as reading, singing, playing, and talking. These activities help children’s brains develop neural connections that ultimately provide the basis for future learning and literacy development.

We enable families, carers and the early childhood sector to engage daily with children through our multi-tiered initiatives and programs that include picture books, activities, role-modelling, professional learning and access to research and information.

Through our programs and initiatives, we are providing families and the early childhood sector with accessible and consistent messaging on the importance of a child’s first years and the critical role they play in supporting the child’s learning journey and ongoing development.

Did you know that from birth to three years is a crucial period in a child’s life where we can have the most significant impact and influence on their future?

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