Every day at RLA we receive positive feedback from our families, early childhood educators and practitioners, librarians, and allied health workers. The reading packs with their quality of the picture and board books, parental information, as well as our professional learning program is highly valued and sort after. We also know that the depth of information given on early childhood learning and engagement is well received and appreciated.   

The young girls love the Handa books. They never see their own faces in books or on TV. They are a beautiful addition to the already wonderful library.

~ Kate Spanner, Refugee Child Health Nurse

While he was only a few months old when we purchased them at Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo in Melbourne, the simple, bold black and white pictures in My First Shapes captured his attention every time, so much so that we stuck them on the wall next to his change table to stop him from wriggling around!  He is a big nine months old now, and the book seems to have grown with him. He now finds the fine details of the shapes enthralling and loves flipping between the pages.
~ Alison and baby son, Vic

My kids love the book; their eyes light up every time we read it, and they love tracing the shapes with their fingers.
~ Erin and family

My baby isn’t quite five months old. When I read his black and white book, his eyes go straight to the pages. He loves the high contrast of the pictures.

~ Bianca and family

‘The book packs have been a great incentive for families to connect with myself and the centre. In one meeting, I was able to have further conversations with a parent about accessing support from another agency. We have seen great interest in books in the community recently as a result of both the Building Home Libraries and the book packs we gave out at our Twilight Nature Play’.
~ Sarah Menaude, Occupational Therapist, Early Years and Child Development DivisionRenmark Children’s Centre