Raising Literacy Australia offers Professional Learning through a range of workshops, using evidence informed practice and underpinned by the national Early Years Learning Framework. Workshops explain ‘why’ babies and young children need language rich environments, as well as presenting practical strategies and resources to support play-based interactions.

Our key Professional Learning workshops are

  • Building Foundations for Early Learning (BFEL)
  • Developing Oral Language (DOL)
  • Inclusive Literacy Practice (ILP).
  • Language, Literacy and Critical Thinking (LLCT)
  • Social and Emotional Language (SEL)

These are offered online across Australia or face to face in South Australia.

Please see our Terms and Conditions here


We also offer a range of face-to-face services with specialist presenters including:
  • Chitter Chatter – Speech and Language Development in the Early Years developed by a highly experienced and qualified Speech Pathologist
  • Library Curation – building a high quality literacy rich resource for your service
  • Sing a Song of Sixpence Music Workshop – presented by a Specialist Music Teacher
  • Sensory Processing in the Early Years – presented by a highly experienced and qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapist.
  • Story Time – presented by highly experienced and qualified early years practitioner and librarian
  • Information sessions – bespoke to your service, at events, for parents or for staff

Victorian School Readiness Funding

We are a preferred supplier for the Victorian School Readiness Funding program. Access the VSRF Menu of Evidence here 
Our current courses are:
  • Building Foundations for Early Learning 
  • Developing Oral Language 
  • Language, Literacy and Critical Thinking  
  • Social and Emotional Language  
  • Inclusive Literacy Practice 

Programs/ Services

  • Building Home Libraries – 12 month program of literacy resources for children and professional learning (creating collections for families – connecting service to home literacy)
  • Book Gifting – creating book gifts for children
  • Lending Libraries – building a quality literacy rich library for your service
  • Consultations – by request

Learn more about each of our Professional Learning programs below.

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Please see our Terms and Conditions here

Professional Learning Terms and Conditions

On enrolment of professional learning courses and sessions with Raising Literacy Australia, participant/s are required to read the following terms and conditions. On ticking the term and conditions box on the enrolment form, participant/s indicate that they agree and will adhere to the terms and conditions stated below.
Enrolling in a course / Professional learning session/s
•Course enrolments close 7 calendar days prior to the session start date and time.
•At the time of enrolment, payer details (of the person responsible for payment of invoice/s) must be provided.

The following details are required:
»organisation name and contact details
»full name of payer responsible for payment of invoice
»email address
»phone number

•Invoices for each enrolled session are issued following completion of the enrolment form.
*Note: Payer details are mandatory and if not provided, enrolment will not be confirmed.

Payment of invoice/s
•Invoices must be paid in full and received within the time frame specified on the invoice and/or 7 days prior to the start date and time of the enrolled session/s.
•On receipt of payment, enrolled participant/s will receive:
»a confirmation email with session details, with online link to access the session.
»educator toolkit/s or supporting resources to the nominated delivery address (these items are only included for selected course. For more information,
refer to https://raisingliteracy.org.au/professional-learning

Outstanding invoice/s
•A participant with an outstanding invoice will not be accepted into the session/s.
•If an invoice becomes 7 days overdue, an automated reminder for immediate payment
will be emailed.
•If a second reminder is sent for the outstanding invoice, Raising Literacy Australia will issue an administration fee of $25.00 and reserves the right to refer your account to a debt collection agency/or law firm.
•If an overdue account is referred to a debt collection agency and/or law firm, the nominated organisation will be liable for all costs incurred including legal demand costs.

Attending a session/s
•7 days prior to attending a session, the participant should confirm:
»the nominated organisation has paid in full for their enrolled session.
» the access link to the online session has been received. 24 hours prior to the start date,
a reminder of the session details will be sent.
• Participant/s must:
»use professional, respectful and inclusive language at all times.
» situate themselves in a suitable space so the background shown on camera is professional, respectful and appropriate.
» where possible and appropriate have their camera and audio turned on to maximise the full learning experience.
» refrain from sharing confidential information about their organisation.
•In the event a participant’s behaviour is deemed unprofessional, disrespectful or offensive by the facilitator:
» the participant will be removed from the session.
» Raising Literacy Australia will inform the nominated organisation in writing, of the participants behaviour.
• Failure of attendance to a session without prior communication, will result in a cancellation of the booking with no refund or ability to reschedule.

Cancelling a session/s
• If a participant notifies Raising Literacy Australia to cancel a session:
» they can opt to reschedule or transfer their booking (see rescheduling/transferring a session).
• If Raising Literacy Australia cancels a session (and does not offer a re-scheduled date):
» All participants will be notified by email.
» A full refund will be issued within 14 business days of the session/s being cancelled.

Rescheduling / Transferring session/s
•If a participant advises they are unable to attend their enrolled session/s, they can:
» re-schedule to an alternative session/s at a later date within the same calendar year.
» transfer their booking to another person within their organisation, within the same calendar year, providing the invoice is paid and received in full.
•if a participant/s is unable to attend a session that they have re-scheduled, this booking will expire, and no refund will apply.
• If Raising Literacy Australia reschedules the session:
» all participants will be notified by email.
» alternative session dates will be offered or the option of a full refund to the nominated organisation within 14 business days.

For further clarification on our terms and conditions, please email: training@raisingliteracy.org.au