A healthy brain from the start  

A child’s brain can develop by 80% in their first three years.  This development is critical for their future learning, and their social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

However, for this development to happen we need parents, grandparents, and carers to positively engage and interact every day with their children.

Serve and Return

Spending time talking, singing, reading, and playing face-to-face with your baby and child are serve and return activities.  These activities are critical to a child’s developing brain.

Babies and children need people to care and share time with them.  They need to hear words, lots of them, they need to hear songs and nursery rhymes and they need time to play.

All these face-to-face and conversational activities will support your child’s brain to develop.

Language Development
Early Language exposure, in particular interactive talk, is one of the strongest predictors of brain development in the early years.  It also supports your child’s ability to:

  • express and understand feelings
  • think and learn
  • solve problems
  • develop and maintain relationships.

Learning to understand, use and enjoy language is the first step in literacy, and the basis for school readiness and learning.