Our aim is to encourage and enable families and the early childhood sector to engage by reading, talking, playing and singing with their children every day.  Why?  Research continues to show that: 

    • A child’s brain rapidly develops and doubles in size in the first year
    • By the age of three, a child’s brain grows up to 80% of adult size
    • By age five, it is 90% to nearly full-grown

Every environment where children are interacting with adults matters and presents opportunities for rich engagements and relationships. Early interactions are foundational to all the later learning and life successes that follow (Inside Early Talk, 2021).

In Australia, reports show 60,000 children start school developmentally behind their peers in key areas like language and emotional competence (M O’Connell, 2019). We want to change this statistic.

In these early years, we have an opportunity to lay the foundations for a child’s future and plant the seeds for tomorrow’s engaged and active student, productive and skilled worker, and confident and loving parent.