Course Details

Developing Oral Language


This session aims to upskill Early Childhood educators in practical strategies for increasing literacy rich daily practices to impact the language and literacy skills of young children.


Content covered includes;
  • An understanding of how oral language develops in the early years and key milestones
  • Becoming familiar with oral language core components including phonological awareness, building vocabulary and expressing ideas and feelings
  • Planning literacy rich activities for programs and when working with children

Target Audience:

Educators in preschool settings as part of Victorian School Readiness Funding

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase in understanding how oral language develops in children in the early years
  • Access to practical strategies, and purposefully introduce activities to increase children’s phonological awareness, vocabulary and ability to express ideas and feelings
  • Embed opportunities every day for oral language development, and concepts to be explored and included in children’s learning experiences

Learning Methods:

Online via Zoom. This is a live interactive workshop 

Program Benefits:


  • Each Participant receives an educators toolkit containing picture books and literacy resources.

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