Georgia Ryan joins our team of amazing Ambassdors!

Here is her introduction.

My name is Georgia and I am 16-year old student from Australia.

I was ‘officially’ diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia in Year 6 after my parents had me assessed after several years of struggling at school and a failure of my school to recognise my dyslexia.

Since that time, I have devoted many hours to expanding my knowledge about my learning disabilities. I not only want to advocate for people who have differences in their thinking and learning abilities, but to normalise the way we view learning differences and to help other young people to see their dyslexia in a more positive way. I would like to spread as much awareness as I possibly can.

I would love to help raise more awareness of dyslexia and for equal access to literacy for everyone.

Georgia has many advocacy achievements to date, here are some recent highlights:

* 2022 Recipient of the Young Citizen of the Year Award in the Port Macquarie Australia Day Awards for my dyslexia advocacy.

* 2021 Luminosity Youth Summit – Keynote speaker.

* 2021 International Tournament of the Minds – Winning team member.

* Nessy blog – Expert contributor.

* “7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading” by Louise Park, content contribution.

* Recognised three times in NSW parliament for advocacy work in the field.