Designed in conjunction with SA Health, Food, Me and ABC, is a colourful, fun picture book, which introduces families to a wide variety of different foods. The new book was specifically developed and designed by the team at Raising Literacy Australia to support food literacy. Food, Me and ABC is bursting with every day foods, colours and the alphabet. Raising Literacy Australia CEO, Sue Hill, said the book is a great way to talk with children about where food comes from. For example, apples and pears grow on trees, carrots and potatoes grow underground, while milk comes from certain animals.

“The story is fun way to explore your world together and encourage parents to talk with their little ones about the types of food they are eating or trying for the first time,” Ms Hill said. “The story also helps families understand the foods that are important for growing bodies and minds. “Families can play ‘I spy’ with foods at the supermarket, cook dinner together with foods from the story, learn about healthy foods, different colours and letters of the alphabet – Food, Me and ABC opens so many doors for learning.” The book also introduces readers to foods from around the world including dragon fruit, jackfruit, Udon noodles and Ximenia.

Food, Me and ABC is one of five new titles from Little Book Press.

Other new titles include Sing With Me a nursey rhyme buggy board book, The Hip Hop Barn by Phil Cummings and Mandy Foot, Once Upon My Legs by Mike Dumbleton and Sarah Boese, and My Teeth by Danny Snell. The five new titles will be included in the Raising Literacy Australia’s 2020 Reading Pack program. Celebrating 15 years of helping SA families, Raising Literacy Australia will distribute another 65,000 reading packs in 2020 to families with a baby, toddler or preschool aged child. To buy your copy of Food, Me and ABC visit the Little Book Press website at If you are ordering a copy for your school classroom, kindergarten, childcare centre, library or preschool get in touch with the Little Book Press team on 8331 3095 for wholesale pricing.