0-3 Taskforce

About 0-3 Taskforce

All South Australian children developmentally on track.

That’s what the South Australian government is committed to. The overseeing of new and more closely aligned messaging and activities across all agencies that connect with South Australian children and their parents and carers. It’s a fact that a high percentage of our children are not ready for school, which of course has ongoing ramifications throughout their life.

The most crucial developmental milestones take place well before our children go to even preschool and we’re here to make sure that we connect all the dots — from childhood health professional visits to engaging with libraries and communities, playgroups etc and especially for our most vulnerable in the communities. This part of the development of the strategy and eventual program is led by Raising Literacy Australia, long time specialists in the area of childhood literacy and whole of life growth.

Stay with us, as together we work to engage for better early years outcomes.

About Kate Ellis

Underpinned by government support, this taskforce is comprised of South Australian government agencies, local government agencies and high level practitioners who operate in the landscape of ‘early childhood’.

The broad goal is to help children in all areas, but we see that language development is a good indicator and this can be achieved through early engagement. At all levels.

Parents and carers, throughout the course of their child’s early years, come into contact with a number of different services, government and private ‘agencies’, day care centres, playgroups, etc. etc. and we want to make sure that our messages, again for the development of the child, are uniform. 

“I will work with any government, any agency and any organisation to unite in our efforts to give SA children the best start in life and the strongest foundations for future success,” said Ms Ellis. 

0-3 Taskforce Members

  • Department for Education
  • Fraser Mustard Centre
  • Healthy Development Adelaide
  • The Smith Family
  • Public Library Services
  • Playgroup SA
  • Australian Council on Children and the Media
  • Teachers Registration Board of South Australia