Dear Raising Literacy,

On behalf our our foster baby “Love” and our previous foster children, I would like to truly thank you, your organisation and Variety with its donations of funds, for your regular gifts of story books to these children over the past 18 months since “Caregiver” and I became foster carers.

It has been and continues to be a privilege to care for “Love” and the others, and it is an absolute delight to open the book parcel after it arrives on our doorstep every three months.

The books are appropriate for the age group and, as a bonus, mostly written and illustrated by Australian authors and artists.

“Caregiver”and I would like to convey to you and all who are involved in this work how deeply your service is appreciated by both carers and the children.

With kind and warmest regards,

“I Care”

*names are changed for privacy.


Carer and baby reading together with enjoyment
Carer and baby reading together with enjoyment (for illustration only)

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